saulo mileti

I'm just someone

deeply passionate about

art, innovation, empathy

and creativity being used

to save people from silly

brands and useless ads.


Nowadays I co-lead the largest Oliver Agency's operation in the world at Itaú Bank.

I started my career in the late 90s and worked for several agencies until 2010, when I've set up my own business specialized in design, modernism, branding, and aesthetics. During all these years I had the pleasure of working alongside iconic companies such as IBM, Volkswagen, Samsung, Motorola, Pfizer, Bradesco, Amex and more.

After many years and countless projects, I sold my stake and joined

Publicis Group to lead Carrefour's team and bring some digital transformation for this huge brand.

In the past I had a side project as editor in chief at B9 and Braincast

co-founder (a top-rated brazilian podcast). Today I teach some really nice courses at Brandster School.

Last but not least, I love to talk about art and explore creatively in several fields, like music, visual arts, and writing. Sometimes I post these experiments on my Instagram. Check it out.

I'm always interested in good ideas.

So, let's get a coffee?

You can also reach me on LinkedIn.